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Starting with the Margarita, Agua de Ajamica and Pecante de la Casa – we will guide you through a definitive list of the Mexican alcoholic cocktails and we will teach you to mix each and single one of those with a mastery native to a long-time bartender!

So, let’s start our acquaintance with Mexico’s ultimate drinks with:

#1: Book club sangria

This first competitor is one good, proper sangria, mixed according to a recipe of the good ladies of the Junior League of Juneau. It’s brandy and red wine infused with peaches and pineapple and accented with some ginger ale…

#2: Blackberry masa drink (atole de mora negra)

If instead of eating nachos for a breakfast, you’d rather prefer to drink something nice – try atole—a traditional Mexican drink thickened with masa harina and served while it’s hot!

#3: Sweet hibiscus drink (agua de jamaica)

This sweet-tart drink is a popular way too cool down on a hot (presumably not Alaskan) day or to accompany a sweet and nice dessert…

#4: Tequila old fashioned

Aged reposado tequila features smooth vanilla notes, which then change to light, citrusy twist. This one is a classic old fashioned shot…

#5: Kentucky club margarita

Despite the fact that this bold shaken cocktail originated in Mexico at Juarez’s Kentucky Club, across the border from El Paso, Texans somewhy claim that it was them who invented it…

#6: Picante de la casa

Cool and refreshing cilantro balances the heat from a fresh Fresno chile in this sweet-spicy combo cocktail…

#7: Grapefruit agua fresca

This cocktail has a perfectly balanced bittersweet note to it, the one that is essentially all-Mexican…

#8: Ginger margarita squares

Ginger simple syrup drops a hint of a bit of Asian-inspired flavor to these mouth-puckering Jell-O shots.. This one turns the classic margarita on its head!

#9: Michelada con camarones (spicy beer cocktail with shrimp)

This spicy cantina cocktail works perfectly as an appetizer , the same as a thirst-quencher, especially on a hot summer night…

#10: Pineapple and cactus drink (agua de piña con nopal)

Just imagine how good it would be, if a pineapple, cactus, and an apple would be mixed up with some tequila added?

#11: Prickly-pear margarita

The main ingredient to this one, a pear cactus thrives in the deserts of the American Southwest. Basically, its red fruit is what makes the drink so delicious and unusual!

#12: Chavela

This one is a refreshing classic version of a Mexican cerveza preparada (prepared beer). In short, mixing up the chavela couldn’t be simpler: tomato juice, hot sauce, beer, lemon, and ice, with a salted rim. Drink it on its own, or pair it with a shot of tequila to make it real…

#13: Tangerine-mint sparkling margarita

It’s not that bad already when you mix up a tangerine flavor with some crispy mint taste… Drop tequila or silantro – and the joy is all yours!

#14: Frozen limeade margarita

The canned frozen limeade that we’re using here perfectly accents the citrus flavor of a slushy Mexican-inspired libation. It goes well with a grapefruit and habanero skirt steak, Mexican pork spareribs, or basically with any spicy dish.

#15: Mezcalita de piña

Made with mezcal, grilled pineapple, jalapeño, and lime, this cocktail is a smoky, all flavorsome take on your regular Margarita!

#16: Chico

Blackberry liqueur gives a garnet coloring to it, and tequila or a rum will flavor it even more!

#17: Tex-mex michelada

If you’ve ever thought that the ice-cold beer cannot be improved any further, here’s a definite proof you were wrong all along… Meet the michelada: a tart-savory eye-opener of beer, Tabasco, Worcestershire, and fresh lime juice.

#18: Paloma

Oh, grapefruit, lime and salt… It’s amazing how this traditionally Mexican combination of flavors works together to make any spirited drink even better!

So, after seeing our offerings, why not sign up for our Mexican cocktails courses and show up for a drink-changing event of your life?

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